Latinx Kids Express Their Creativity in HTML Format at Latinx Code

Lizette is 11 years old and wants to be a biomedical engineer when she grows up.

“She’s been going to a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) school since she was in kindergarten, so her technology teacher has been instrumental in her development,” said Lizette’s mother, Odette Ojeda. “But there’s only so much that a Chicago Public Schools can do, and that’s where Antonio comes in.”

Antonio Garcia launched Latinx Code in October, a non-profit organization and a tech hub where Latinx kids learn computer science and the basics of web development, including HTML, CSS, CMS and Javascript.


Massive Chicago gang database under fire: Database is racially skewed, data shows

Among the more than 128,000 individuals included in the gang database are Wilmer Catalan-Ramirez and Luis Vicente Pedrote-Salinas. Both are suing the city of Chicago alleging they were misidentified as gang members by the Chicago Police Department and wrongly entered into the city’s gang database.

Their addition to the list led to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raiding their homes, their arrests and their placement in detention centers, according to Vanessa del Valle, clinical assistant professor of law at the Northwestern Pritzker School of Law and an attorney with the MacArthur Justice Center, which filed the federal lawsuits.


TPS ends for Nicaraguans and Haitians, thousands more face uncertainty and the prospect of family separation

Edwin Murillo’s home isn’t the same anymore. The joy filled by his two daughters has been replaced by uncertainty and instability in the past few weeks.

Murillo is from El Salvador and has been a TPS recipient since 1999, which means he is protected by the Temporary Protection Status program established more than two decades ago.

TPS has allowed thousands of people from El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Nepal, Yemen, Somalia, among others, to live and work in the United States legally and prevent them from being deported to their countries where a natural disaster, an armed conflict or other temporary unstable conditions keep the country unsafe for return.